About Sandy

Sandy Starnes once heard someone say, “You can be pitiful or powerful, but you cannot be both!” This began to change how she viewed her own life as well as made observant that much of the Body of Christ seemed to live in the “pitiful” mode. Sadly, like most others who come to a realization that they have wasted a lot of time by doing it their way, she knew that it was time to find and live out more truth than she thought possible. She had lived a Christian life for a lot of years. Some of those years she lived in more obedience than others. Her failures only served to show her a need to allow Christ to teach her about herself. Sandy discovered you can only take others where you have been. She had a desire from childhood to teach the Word of God, but she was not satisfied with the status quo. She saw others teaching the truth but realized they did not walk in power or victory. Watching Christians struggle with the same dysfunctions as those who did not have a relationship with Christ drove her to discover the keys and secrets held in the Scriptures to live a life of faith and power. She also found this comes with a cost. You might ask, “How much will it cost?” Sandy’s answer would be “Everything!” However, she would also tell you that the eternal fruit is worth it all.

Sandy finds it humorous that, although God used her in years past, it is in these “later” years that God has accelerated ministry opportunities. Now in her sixties, she has been to India twice. On her first trip there, she participated in a women’s conference and in the second trip, she was able to fulfill a dream to speak to pastors and leaders. She also went to Honduras to speak in a women’s conference. Sandy desires to raise up leaders of the faith to show them how to live and lead others to walk in the fullness that Christ died to give us. These opportunities gave her an understanding of how vast the world is, but moreso how vast and widespread the Kingdom of God is. This causes her to be open to new areas of ministry. Currently, she is available to teach or preach in revivals, seminars, and conferences. She will be adding two-day mentoring events this year in addition to traveling domestically and abroad. Sandy has always enjoyed mentoring on a one to one basis but finds this very limiting and time consuming. She feels now is the time to take it “on the road” to bring multiplication in Kingdom living. Sandy enjoys teaching people so she is available to speak to any group no matter the size.

Sandy has lived in South Carolina all her life and now resides in York, SC. She has two children, two granddaughters and two grandsons. She has authored two children’s books as well as co-authored another book, all of which can be obtained through this web site. She is also developing a vacation Bible school curriculum that will be available for distribution in 2018. She is finding that getting older does not seem to matter to God. Life is more exciting than ever as she learns what new adventures await as she trusts Him more!

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